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The first time the lake was surveyed was the Hayden Survey in 1871, a 24-day effort that gathered 300 depth readings, or data points.Morgan's map project took four summers and generated 240 million data points, providing a much more detailed map that contains mountains of data yet to be fully analyzed.Amazing tales as told by the Cherokee storytellers themselves.

Williamson and the Boston merchant John Rowe, and George W.Brand names like: Heddon; Creek Chub; South Bend; Pflueger; Shakespeare; Paw Paw; and a large list of others are eagerly sought by collectors.There are collectors for lures, reels, bamboo rods, nets, creels, and just about every type of fishing memorabilia you can imagine.To that end I go forth, alone and also with other kindred spirits, to the mountains, forests and other wild places, fully clothed and equipped for an earlier era, down to the last detail, including the food I intend to consume.

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And when one adds the element of fishing to the reenactment equation, it gives a one a very good education about what anglers living and fishing several centuries ago encountered in their pursuit of our finned adversaries.Events, festivals, fairs, and more abound in Cherokee throughout the spring, summer and fall, all of them as diverse as they are delightful.