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The courses are taught by first-rate native speaker teachers all with university degrees in literature or language, as well as a specialist training to teach Italian to foreigners.The division into 15 language levels guarantees excellent Italian language courses in small groups.The SYRMEP (SYnchrotron Radiation for MEdical Physics) beamline has been designed by Sincrotrone Trieste, in collaboration with the University of Trieste and the INFN, for research medical diagnostic radiology, material science and life science applications.The use of monochromatic and laminar-shaped beams allows, in principle, an improvement of the clinical quality of images and a reduction of adsorbed dose (because of both monochromaticity and scatter reduction).It offers a private, comfortable and informal environment surrounded by peace and tranquillity.A qualified and professional staff is at your complete disposal to provide information and assistance, to meet any demand you may have and make you feel at home.

A large number of different microimaging and microtomography experiments can be performed in different fields of material science (such as geology, vulcanology, cultural heritage and agrifood technology) and life science. The beamline can work in monochromatic or white-beam configuration.

The 6 classrooms are all equiped with glass boards, 32" flat screens, DVD and HIFI, and one of them can function as a cinema.

Other facilities include Internet, WIFI, library and reception area with information desk.

An interdisciplinary study of the archaeological landscape of the Trieste area (northeastern Italy), mainly based on airborne light detection and ranging (Li DAR), ground penetrating radar (GPR), and archaeological surveys, has led to the discovery of an early Roman fortification system, composed of a big central camp (San Rocco) flanked by two minor forts. This hypothesis would also be supported by literary sources that describe it as a The art of camp building is probably a key element behind the strength of the Roman army (1) and its gradual expansion in most Mediterranean regions and Western Europe, where numerous modern cities have developed from a Roman military fortress (2). The earliest archaeological traces of military camps are so far provided by Spanish sites dating back to the last two decades of the third century B. C.) (8, 9) and the Roman military complex of Pedrosillo, dated to the Lusitanian Wars (155–138 B. Surprisingly enough, not a single Roman military fortification had been discovered in Italy until the recent identification of the Mt.

The most ancient archaeological findings, including a Greco–Italic amphora rim produced in Latium or Campania, provide a relative chronology for the first installation of the structures between the end of the third century B. Grociana piccola fort in the northeastern part of the peninsula close to Trieste (12).

The available imaging techniques of the SYRMEP beamline are conventional absorption radiology and tomography, phase contrast imaging, diffraction enhanced imaging.

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