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The notice urged others to recognize women’s contributions and announced, “The necessity of taking all imaginable care of those who may happen to...On this day in 1921, Giovanni “Gianni” Agnelli, the glamorous, powerful Italian business tycoon who turned Fiat, his family’s car company, into an international conglomerate, is born in Turin, Italy.Roosevelt began that first address simply: “I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States about...On this day in 1776, in Baltimore, Maryland, a public notice appears in local papers recognizing the sacrifice of women to the cause of the revolution.The London drug squad appears at house of George Harrison and Pattie Boyd with a warrant and drug-sniffing canines.Boyd immediately used the direct hotline to Beatles headquarters and George returned to find his home turned upside down. but until now, she has never told the full story of what happened to her.over the years i've interviewed some remarkable people who have overcome all kinds of obstacles, but not many who could match the bravery and, yes, brilliance of has fought to keep them private.

They recognised him and reported his real name to the police.On this day in 1933, eight days after his inauguration, President Franklin D.Roosevelt gives his first national radio address or “fireside chat,” broadcast directly from the White House.In March 2003, Mitchell, Barzee and Ms Smart – disguised in a wig – were spotted by a motorcyclist and caught by police, who promptly reunited Ms Smart with her parents. ' one of the officers asked me," Ms Smart writes in her memoir. I was sick with uncertainty and fear." She recalled being scared to answer: "Don't give Mitchell a reason, or he'll hurt you! " However, the officer persisted, asking: "Are you Elizabeth Smart? They want you to come home." After several years of psychiatric treatment and being deemed unfit to stand trial, Mitchell was in May 2011 sentenced to life in prison for rape, kidnap and burglary.

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Because if you are, your family has missed you so much since you were gone. Barzee is serving a 15-year sentence for her part in the crime.At times she could hear officers calling her name, she said, but did not dare cry out. Eventually Ms Smart was tethered to a nearby tree and forced to drink alcohol before being abused by the couple.