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15-Jul-2017 09:12

From there it took about two months of going back and forth with the company.

When he first contacted Telerik’s Customer Support department, it insisted the bug had already been fixed.

The Home Services Directory is a new service from EAC.

It aims to provide information about a wide range of services that help older people maintain their independence and quality of life at home – from eye care to telecare, meals on wheels to gardening, home maintenance & adaptations, day centres and transport services. Entries for services provided by statutory and charitable agencies are free; there is a charge for entries by commercial providers (see pricing here).

The editor, which allows users to input rich-text, is used to varying degrees in Microsoft products like MSDN, Code Plex, Tech Net, and MCMS, along with some Sharepoint and ASP. “It’s a silent killer, too, because at least one commercial penetration-testing tool failed to find it” Mc Namara said, “You just get a false negative.” Mc Namara initially found the vulnerability (CVE-2014-4958) in a 2009 version (2009.3.1208.20) of the product on Internet Explorer along with a 2014 version but suggests it could have existed in previous iterations of the editor.

“I just had a hunch and followed it obsessively, manually,” Mc Namara said of his search for the bug, which he first dug up on July 9.

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When Telerik still wouldn’t put him in touch with anyone in charge of security, Mc Namara ultimately had to go through what he calls “unofficial channels,” by sending a personal email to a Telerik employee’s Gmail account in late August, to finally get the ball rolling.To signup you have 2 options: Please fill in the required fields below, providing us with details of your organisation and the services it offers, as well as your individual contact details.One of our advisors will then verify these details and activate your account.(I cannot send any code / sample project due to the sensitivity of our projects).

We use Telerik web controls a lot (great contorls!!! We have a simple Treeview on the left with a bunch of fields on the right.

It sucessfully completed with some errors saying found missing feature ID of custom Solutions. Directory Not Found Exception: Could not find a part of the path 'c:_wpresources\Rad Editor Share Point.1.6.0__1f131a624888eeed\Resources\List Tools File.xml'.